Group VCLN Constructions S.A.

Group VCLN Constructions S.A.

A national and international reference

About Group VCLN

We are committed to the constant development and the search for new solutions, always trying to keep abreast with the new trends and directions in the construction industry. Hence, the permanent search for new partners and new markets, with the certainty of being equipped with the capable and necessary response to our clients' requests.

For our company, knowing how to construct is knowing how to satisfy our clients and ensure the quality of the execution of the project that is presented to us, with great attention on quality, safety, and the environment.

Our mission is to ensure the satisfaction of all the demands of our clients, through the perfect and accurate execution of all work of reinforced concrete structures, and to become, through the work we carry out and the dedication we put into all the projects entrusted to us, a reference, both nationally and internationally.



Following the internationalization policy and strategy advocated by VCLN, BAT'CO was set up in 2017 with the intent to objectively respond to the needs and opportunities of the French market.

BAT'CO is a company compliant with all the requirements, specificities and requests of this market, in order to provide a more precise and objective response to the enormous demand for services specific to the realization of "grous oeuvre", thus maximizing the operational advantages provided by this entity.

Our history

The VCLN Group was set up and has initiated its activity in 2013.

With the advent of the crisis that ravaged Portugal and the stagnation of the construction sector in the country, the relations that the shareholders already had with foreign countries allowed them to implement a dynamic offering of residential construction services to international markets.

The main shareholders of VCLN Group are individuals with a vast experience in the construction industry. It is a versatile and complementary team, with significant basic operational advantages in all the stages of the value chain of the company's service offer.

Therefore and regarding internationalization, the first works attained were in France, enabling an interesting return on activity and turnover from the first year of activity.

Important occasions


Year of foundation of VCLN


In March 2017 the company BAT'CO was set up


The VCLN Group enters the Belgium market


ISO 9001 Certification

Our values


For ethical principles and for the requirements imposed by Law and by the Statutes


Apply, in the awarded projects, an organized and thoughtful use of all the resources, in order to ensure a strict observance of the delivery deadlines with the most demanding level of quality.


Concern for the development of motivations and professional skills of all its Employees and for ensuring the correct feasibility of the projects presented by the clients.


To obtain a final result of excellence, we seek to use the best materials available on the market and the improvement of our professionals and working methods.


Constant search for innovating solutions, best suited to each Client's request.

Quality Policy

The company's strategy aims at the satisfaction of its clients in a perspective of evolution and continuous improvement.

To this end and through the implementation of the normative requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, the Administration has established the following directives of this Policy:

. Achieving the satisfaction of our clients in the service we are providing them;

. Investing in a dynamic working team with technical expertise, investing in their skills;

. Establishing partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors that assure the quality of the final product, developing joint strategies that value the work carried out and future results;

. Comply with all the legal and normative requirements applicable to the company's activity.

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